How to Make Sure Your Free Credit Score is the Real Deal

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Financial experts say that the best way to improve your credit report and free credit score is by managing your finances carefully.
Here are a few simple ways to cut down on your spending while raising your credit score: 1.
    Whenever you buy anything, especially an electric or electronic appliance, don't get an extended warranty or service contract.
Buy a good product -- search the internet for reviews on the item before you buy, and make sure you buy your appliances from a retailer with a good reputation and who will stand by the product.
It should come with a warranty, and if you bought from a good retailer, that warranty should be good enough.
    Review the services you're subscribed to.
Take your telephone line, for example -- do you really need that speed dialing or caller ID service? That adds up to your monthly payment, and will cost you if you keep it for several years.
If you don't use the service, you'll be saving a big amount and helping your credit rating by sticking to the basic phone plan.
    If you need a new car, consider buying a second hand one.
A brand new car depreciates by 20% as soon as you drive it out of the dealer's lot.
You could find a very good second hand one for the fraction of the price of a new car, and because your amortization payment will be lower you can afford the payments and improve your credit report in the process.
    Many people buy exercise equipment and end up using it as a clothes hanger.
If you're not using your exercise equipment, sell it - you can use the money to pay off revolving debts faster.
    Don't go shopping when you're hungry, bored, or depressed.
You'll tend to buy things you don't need.
    Shop during sales.
If you've been eyeing that really nice outfit or suit, the sale price could be from 30% to as much as 70% off.
    Stop collecting credit cards.
Too many cards will lead you into uncontrolled spending.
Have one major card, and hide the rest in a drawer.
To keep your free credit score up, use the card occasionally, like once every 3 or 6 months.
    Cut down on water heating expenses by reducing the temperature of your water heater.
That could take about 10% to 15% off your next bill.
    When you go to the cinema, watch a matinee instead of an evening screening.
Matinee prices are less than evening prices in many cities.
    If you're a movie buff, buy or rent a video rather than going to the theaters.
You'll save on per movie charges, and you'll be able to watch it again and again.
By finding ways to cut down on unnecessary expenses, you'll have more money at the end of the month to pay off bills, treat yourself occasionally even during a difficult economy, and raise your credit rating and Fico score.
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