How to Have a Tendon Transfer Surgery Redone

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    • 1). Wait throughout the entire rehabilitation period before requesting a second tendon transfer surgery unless the defect is manifest from the beginning. In other words, unless it is completely apparent that something is amiss, hold off on asking the surgeon to repeat the operation. In many cases, you will not know whether the surgery was a success until after completion of a rehabilitation program to restore functionality to the hand.

    • 2). Consult with your surgeon about the feasibility of undergoing another tendon transfer surgery, weighing the risks against the benefits. For example, if your surgeon tells you that the possible improvement from another operation would be slight at best, you will have to decide whether that is worth the potential harm from undergoing another surgical operation. Obtain as much information as possible about the benefits and risk of multiple tendon transfers on the same hand before making the decision to operate again.

    • 3). Seek a second or third option if your primary surgeon is unwilling or unable to perform another tendon transfer operation. Doctors often will have varying opinions on the feasibility of any particular operation, so having multiple consultations can increase your likelihood of finding someone that is willing to redo your tendon transfer surgery.

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