Have You Reached a Weight Loss Plateau?

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You are eating better, drinking water, exercising regularly and it is so fun to watch the number on the scale continue to drop each week.
Then, all of a sudden, it stops! You have reached a weight loss plateau which has lasted for weeks, going on months and it is so frustrating.
What can you do? When it comes to your eating plan: 1.
Make sure you are eating 300-400 calorie, mini-meals throughout the day.
Do not get in the habit of eating a handful of crackers and cheese for lunch, for example.
Eating mini-meals throughout the day will help prevent you from overeating at dinnertime or at night.
Eat fiber and protein at every mini-meal that include low-glycemic foods.
Good quality protein like fish or chicken combined with fibrous vegetables will keep you feeling full longer.
Add walnuts to your grilled chicken salad or choose a fiber-rich bean soup.
Are you eating too much wheat? If you are having toast for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch, crackers for a snack and pasta or bread with dinner, it is too much wheat.
Wheat contains gluten which has been shown to be a highly reactive food causing a false bloat and can make you look 10-15 pounds heavier than you really are.
Instead, have an egg white omelet with vegetables for breakfast or if you are in a hurry in the morning, whip up a protein smoothie with low-fat yogurt, organic berries and ground flaxseeds for a fibrous meal in the morning.
Make a batch of hard-boiled eggs, chicken breasts, brown rice, and vegetables on the weekend so you are armed with healthy meal choices to pack up for lunch or for a quick dinner during the week.
When it comes to your exercise program, here are some ways to shake it up a bit and increase your metabolism: 1.
Vary your routine - it is amazing how quickly your body adapts to a workout or exercise program.
You need to shock your system a bit by doing interval training on the treadmill, for example, by increasing your speed one minute for every 5 minutes or elevate the treadmill 1% every 5 minutes.
Add Pilates or Core building exercises to your regimen.
These specific exercises will increase your strength, improve your balance and help you burn body fat.
Are you working out hard enough? A walk through your neighborhood with friends is a great way to socialize, however, not the best for fat-burning.
Increase the intensity for at least 1-2 minute intervals by picking up the pace or pumping your arms.
Weight bearing exercises are the best way to increase your metabolism by supporting muscle.
Meet with a qualified personal trainer for an exercise program that will work for you.
They can also help tweak your routine and help you stay motivated.
If you only have 30 minutes to exercise, choose weight-bearing exercises over the treadmill.
It will help you build muscle which will help you burn more calories even as you reading this article.
Staying positive is the key to weight loss.
Forget about the scale for awhile.
If you do 'mess up', do not use it as an excuse to go back to your old bad habits.
Think of it as a chance to start fresh again and focus on your program.
Forgive yourself and do better at your next meal.
Make yourself a priority.
Measure your results by how you look and feel, how your clothes are fitting.
It is definitely more fun!
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