MS Causes - Why Do Some People Get MS and Others Do Not

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While doctors and scientists have been studying multiple sclerosis for years no one has yet been able to pinpoint one exact cause.
MS can manifest itself in anyone anywhere, there are some mitigating factors that can place one person more at risk than another, but nothing is conclusive.
Since MS is a disease of the nervous system doctors have agreed that there are three or more factors that can be figured into a person's risk for MS.
Genetics may play a small role in the cause of MS according to some researchers.
  These researchers think that the predisposition to contract multiple sclerosis is carried in more than one gene and can be passed on from mother or father to their children.
The thought is that this person may be carrying the gene and by being exposed to a certain environmental agent such as a chemical or even a type of food an autoimmune response is triggered.
This autoimmune response is then responsible for the onset of MS.
Environment has long been thought to be a major cause of MS as it seems to affect those who live in the colder northern areas of the world.
A study was done that showed that multiple sclerosis affected more white people than any other race.
MS is most prevalent in places like northern Europe and the northern United States than anywhere else in the world.
Scientists attribute this partly to the lack of exposure to long periods of sunlight that help the body create vitamin D naturally.
One of the newest studies shows that hormones may play a role in the cause of MS.
Studies show that hormones including sex hormones are affected by the immune system and can have a direct effect on the immune system.
Female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone have been shown to suppress certain aspects of the immune system; this is thought to be why women with MS who are pregnant seem to have less symptoms of the disease.
The male hormone testosterone is thought to have the same effects on the immune system and may account for the high ration of women to men who are afflicted with multiple sclerosis.
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