Review: Scott Monge, Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney

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Scott Monge is an Atlanta based accident attorney helping Georgia residents with Slip and Fall injury cases. He has been at the forefront of legal representation in the years he has been practicing in the community.

He has aggressively fought to help victims of negligence who have been injured while shopping for groceries and at major retail outlets.  Large companies like Wal-Mart, Krogers, Publix, Home Depot and others have teams of lawyers to indemnify them against injuries to customers caused by their negligence.

There are many rules and guidelines that govern the safe operation of businesses that must physically deal with customer traffic, the constant maintenance of store cleanliness, fire safety and product placement that minimizes injury to people. When retailers ignore these guidelines, people slip, fall and otherwise injure themselves.

Scott Monge has gained a solid reputation representing Slip and Fall victims because he has beaten these large companies time and time again. Whether you have been injured on an escalator, a wet floor, poorly placed merchandise or in an elevator, Scott Monge will fight for you and for the settlement terms you deserve. He won't advise you to settle for less either, as many accident attorneys do.

Since he is based in Atlanta, he provides legal services to all of Georgia. The consultation is free and he will come to you if you cannot come to him. Scott Monge will visit you in the hospital if you unfortunately cannot be released; he will make in-house visits and evening or weekend visits anywhere in the state of Georgia as well.

His Atlanta practice firm Monge & Associates only deal with personal injury cases. They do not have a general practice so their expertise is not general either. You will benefit from years of defending and winning personal injury cases in court—over three decades worth of experience as a matter of fact. He and his partners have won millions of dollars for their clients over the years.

In addition, if he is not able to win your case and recover any expenses for you, you will not have to pay a dime in attorney's fees. He puts his credibility and expertise on the line by letting you know that if you don't get paid, he doesn't either.

Monge has built a rapport with past clients who know from experience that he will keep you informed every step of the way. He answers telephone calls, answer questions and address your concerns upfront. He will contact the retail company, the hospital for medical records, and get whatever information he needs as fast as possible, while the event is still fresh in the minds of all connected individuals.

If you have been in a Slip and Fall Accident and had to seek medical help, or if you have not yet sought medical advice but you have sustained a chronic injury from a Slip and Fall incident at a retail store, construction site, or an elevator / escalator, contact Scott Monge today.
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