How to Mold a Leather Holster

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    • 1). Cut the leather holster pattern pieces out, or if you are trying to mold a purchased holster, you can skip this step.

    • 2). Dampen the back of the leather pieces with a wet sponge until they are soft and pliable. Allow the leather to soak up the water for about 30 minutes.

    • 3). Wrap the gun that you want to use in the holster in a plastic bag while the leather is soaking up the water. Eliminate excess air from inside the bag so it fits closely around the shape of the gun.

    • 4). Place the gun inside the holster. Mold the leather around the holster, outlining the details of the gun, including the handle, barrel, trigger and sight, if your gun has one. Work slowly and carefully and make sure to mold and shape both sides of the holster. If the leather starts to dry, dampen it with the sponge again.

    • 5). Allow the leather to dry around the gun. It should take about 24 hours for the leather to completely dry.

    • 6). Condition the leather by working a leather conditioner into the leather after it dries to prevent cracking. The leather should still retain the shape of the gun, however, because leather shrinks when it dries after getting soaked in water. If you are unhappy with the shaping process, you can repeat it once more to try and create additional molding.

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