A Home Remedy For Colic That Really Works

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If you are anything like me, you would have tried every single remedy for colic that you could possibly find.
I have tried everything from putting on the vacuum cleaner to homeopathic solutions and gripe water in my search for a home remedy for colic.
Colic herbal remedies are natural and safe and therefore were my first attempt at relieving colic in my baby.
I tried herbal tea.
I was told it was safe to give your baby up to four ounces of herbal tea per day.
The herbal teas I tried are chamomile, ginger, catnip, and peppermint.
The peppermint tea did provide some relief but it was short lived! I have a feeling the cool refreshing feeling was more of a distraction than actually relieving the pain.
I also tried several homeopathic remedies.
These however were not very well received by my baby as they were in tablet form and I found it quite difficult to give to him even when dissolved in water.
Perhaps he did not like the taste of them.
Finally after months of exhaustion I gave up on the colic herbal remedies and decided to try something a little more proactive.
I came across the Bowen Technique for babies-Baby Bowen.
It sounded to me like a good idea as all the herbal remedies I had tried, although did provide some sort of relief, did not solve the problem.
Baby Bowen is meant to treat the cause of colic which has recently been discovered is due to an imbalance in the body.
By re balancing the nervous system it effectively treats the cause of colic.
It is a very simple and gentle home remedy for colic.
I admit I was skeptical at first! I learnt the Baby Bowen moves, it took me one hour.
And then waited for the right moment when my baby had a bad bout of colic.
I was shocked! The first move itself did the trick! He looked straight at me, stopped crying and then cuddled up in my arms and fell asleep! I am a new person now! I feel in control of my life and I feel I am doing the best I can for my baby.
The days of exhaustion and frustration are over! So, colic herbal remedies do work to relieve your baby of discomfort but they do not cure colic.
A truly effective home remedy for colic is Baby Bowen.
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