The Many Benefits & Secrets Of Herbal Alternatives

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Herbal/Natural Remedies: The benefits of Herbal Alternatives differ based on each Individual's bodily and genetic structure.
This is the reason you hear that some things have worked, while others have not.
Each person is biologically different than the other, which can lead to beneficial effects or none at all.
There is also a possibility of different reactions to Herbs based on various mixes with prescription drugs.
Please consult your doctor before you take or mix any herbal supplement with a prescription drug or even other supplements.
** Some of the following supplements may not be classified as 'Herbs', but will be listed in this section.
Probiotics: (Acidipholus, Lactobacillus, Bifidus) The theory behind probiotics is simple.
Most infections, colds, flus, etc.
start in your digestive tract.
Your digestive tract consists of both good and bad bacteria.
Bacteria, as you know, multiplies at an alarming rate.
If you can replace the bad bacteria with good bacteria, this considerably lessens the chances of becoming sick.
Probiotics are naturally found in dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt.
Unfortunately, these food products are pasteurized, killing both the bad and beneficial bacteria.
My son had ear infections on a constant basis; in fact - once a week.
At age 3, I began giving him an Acidopholus supplement in liquid form.
He is now 11 years old and has 2-3 ear infections in the last 8 years! A Probiotic supplement can: -Help prevent infections of Intestinal Bugs -Aid in Digestion -Control vaginal PH and reduce yeast infections -Improve general immune system function -Lower total and LDL Cholesterol
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