Surprising Work for a Trademark Attorney

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A trademark attorney spends a good part of this day assisting clients in registering their signature logos or trademark phrases. But they also deal in patents and intellectual property as well. And sometimes, they are as surprised by what comes across their desk as the rest of us would be. And perhaps sometimes as surprising as the work they get is the source that it comes from.

One lucky trademark attorney had an actress who had appeared in Playboy magazine walk through his door. Her name was Julie Newmar and she had appeared in numerous stage, film, and television roles. She was Dorcas in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Ms. Newmar played Rhoda the Robot in the TV series My Living Doll. But she was probably best known for her role as the sexy villianess Catwoman in the TV series Batman. This sexy actress isn't just all looks and no brains though, she has an IQ of 135 and holds 2 U.S. patents. She designed pantyhose that were billed as having €cheeky derriere relief€ and a brassiere that was described as being nearly invisible and in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

Julie Newmar wasn't the only beauty with brains it seems. Austrian-born actress Hedy Lamarr made her film debut in the notorious 1933 film, Ecstasy. She made her American film debut five years later, after escaping marriage to a Vienna-based arms manufacturer who is rumored to have had dealings with Hitler and Mussolini. Ironically, her patent was for a secret communication system which she co-invented with her neighbor, composer George Antheil. The invention altered radio frequencies between transmission and reception to develop an unbreakable code for sending top-secret messages which she hoped would help the allies defeat the Germans. Hedy wanted to join the National Inventors council, but was reportedly told she could help the war effort more by using her celebrity status to sell war bonds. She reportedly raised $7,000,000 at one event alone.

How do you think a patent or trademark attorney would feel with Vito Corleone walking into his office and taking a seat? Marlon Brando, who is famous for his role as Vito in the film The Godfather, is another patent holder. Surprisingly enough, his invention is for a device which allows an individual to easily tune a drum reliably.

Another patent attorney had a perhaps unlikely client walk through his office doors. Maybe his new client even demonstrated his dance move where he seemingly defied gravity. The secret was in the shoes and Michael Jackson holds a patent for them. The shoes utilize a special hinge design that allows the wearer to stabilize and lean over at greater than usual angles. Perhaps that was a €thriller€ for the attorney?

There are thousands of surprising patents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Imagine being the trademark attorney who has had the privilege of helping to register these exciting patents or meeting the celebrity behind the patent.

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