Is MLMDead - Keep Reading to Find Out

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More and more people are talking about MLM business opportunities, wanting to know what are they, how do they work, can you really make money with them and is internet MLM dead.
These are all great questions and must be addressed before deciding to join a MLM program Most MLM business opportunities have started to embrace the limitless possibilities of using the internet to promote their company, however the more traditional methods are still being practiced.
recruiting friends, family members, using the telephone and conducting meetings.
Don't allow the lure of easy money to cloud your judgment about most MLM opportunities.
Yes, securing a solid financial future is possible, but like any other home based business or any brick and mortar for that matter, it does require you to work the business and understand the business model to be successful.
You will need to embrace the training, marketing and culture to be successful.
Now, one of the problems that many MLM marketers may face is trying to build a full-time income, or even a residual income through the networking marketing business model in the internet age may feel like trying to fill a leaking bucket - you may experience growing pains by dealing with downline attrition and tiny commission checks.
Most studies show that the majority of online entrepreneurs make less $10 a week- a mere $40 a month.
This type of income will not allow you to stay in business, you will quit, lose money and think you have been scammed again.
Remember, treat it like a business and as we all know..
any successful business needs to show a profit.
Ok, now most if not all MLM companies still teach the "churn and burn" marketing approach.
This is where you will need to outrun your downline attrition rate.
The average person stays with a MLM opportunity for about 3 months, so in order to cycle you are taught to "outrun" your signups.
This is where you get more new members to offset the members that may be leaving.
Plan on building a huge downline in order to make any substantial money, you need to think in the thousands in order to be successful in MLM.
Residual income is a great concept, and having people in your downline work for you and help build your income can be rewarding.
However, understand that this requires hard work I.
training your downline, learning new marketing techniques and building relationships.
I truly believe in residual income and MLM is certainly a great way to accomplish this.
It is just important you understand what is involved in order to build a successful MLM business before you decide to enter the market.
Some online marketers are choosing a concept called G.
, they feel it is more lucrative than traditional MLM and allows them to build a residual income quicker and easier, and without all the negative baggage attached to more traditional MLM opportunities.
I don't have the space here to address this concept, so you can get a report by clicking the link below http://geraldsonlinebiz.
To your future residual income success, Gerald Stidham
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