Affordable Dental Plans - How They Work

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Affordable dental plans are important to your overall health coverage.
Without affordable dental plans, you could unnecessarily pay thousands of dollars for simple procedures.
Dental care is an unmet need in many families.
Luckily there is an affordable solution for uninsured people that can give you coverage so you can get an appointment quickly.
There are dentists that have joined a network in order to afford quality dental coverage to people on a budget.
These dentists offer their services for urgent needs, preventive care, or both.
The services they provide include routine cleanings, x-rays, fillings, bridges, orthodontics, root canals, extractions, and more.
Your dental visit will be held in the private practice, medical center, or hospital of the dentist you choose.
How Affordable Dental Plans Work These plans are different from traditional dental insurance in four distinct ways.
There is no underwriting period to wait for, no monthly premium to pay, no deductibles, and no claim forms to submit when you receive your oral care.
With this type of plan, you pay an affordable annual membership fee that allows you access to the dentist network.
Once you are a member, the dentists in the network offer you a significantly reduced fee to perform your oral care.
This fee is generally 40% to 60% less than the normal charge for services and you are aware of what the fee will be before the services are rendered.
There are no additional hidden fees.
For example, a service that you need is provided by the dentist to the general public at a cost of $349.
As a member of the affordable dental plan network, you would only have to pay 40% of that cost or $139.
This significantly reduced fee is much more affordable and allows you to get the work that you need done on your mouth.
When Benefits Kick In One of the best features of affordable dental plans is the fact that there is no underwriting period to wait around for like there is with traditional insurance.
Once you complete your application, select a dentist, and make your annual one-time payment, you are covered.
Families are eligible for coverage as well.
If you choose a family plan, your family is covered at the same time you are.
A healthy mouth is a key component to an overall healthy body.
There are serious medical conditions that show symptoms that begin in the mouth.
Only a professional can diagnose these symptoms so it is important to get prompt and routine oral care.
Affordable dental plans are available to help you stay healthy.
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