Are You A Novice Photographer, Looking For A Camera?

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Are you going to start photography? Do you like capturing all your happy moments with a camera, especially when you go on a trip or attend an event? Perhaps you will also like to share the photographs with your near and dear ones on the social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Orkut and MySpace etc. Do you get confused when you go to the market for buying a perfect camera that fits your need? If this is the case, then you have landed on the right web-page!
Here we will tell you about all the cameras that a novice, an amateur or a professional photographer can buy to get started with photography.

Capture your happy moments
Do you remember the old times when you had a camera which only took still photographs and was not capable of shooting videos? Are you still using one of these cameras? If yes then its a time to change, as the still and disposable cameras are relics of the past. The latest cameras come with bath video and still photography function.
You can capture all the happy moments and share them with your family and friends if you have a good camera with you whenever you go on a trio or attend any interesting event. For a beginner, Nikon D3100 is a perfect choice. This Nikon camera is an upgraded version of Nikon D3000. It comes with a good CMOS sensor. The Nikon D3100 digital SLR camera is an easy-to-use device having 14.2-megapixel and many other great features.
There is a misconception that good Nikon cameras are expensive. Novice does not usually buy the newly released model of cameras. They save money by getting a used camera or buy brands such as Genx and Canon.

Suitable cameras for novice professional photographers
You can start earning money by starting photography as a profession. To begin with this, you can get choose for any of the following Nikon cameras:
Nikon J1 and V1 are two latest Nikon cameras which come with Interchangeable Lens. Nikon J1 is a 12-megapixel camera while Nikon V1 is 10.1. These cameras are ideal for capturing photographs.
Nikon Coolpix AW100 Camera is a shockproof and water proof camera which is idea for under-water photography. It features NAVTEQ and GPS Support
Nikon D300S is also a great camera for professionals, albeit it is an old model of Nikon camera but it offer best results and can easily be purchased for a store that sells used cameras at a budget-friendly price.

Do you want a 41 mega pixel camera?
Do you find it hard to carry numerous gadgets and devices when you go out? If yes then how about buying a mobile phone which has an in-built camera with powerful sensor? In my view, Nokia 808 PureView is a nice replacement to professional camera. It is equipped with Carl Zeiss Optics lens with 8.02mm focal length. The best thing about this camera is that it features 41 mega-pixel sensors with pixel oversampling. Nokia 808 PureView provides full zoom capability at a shooting distance of 15cm and provides excellent great magnification of small objects with full zoom. You can take poster size photos with this mobile phone. Unlike professional cameras, Nokia PureView easily fits in ones pocket and can be taken everywhere. Nokia PureView is equipped with Nokia Rich Recording which offers stereo audio recording around 140-145 db, which is 4 times louder than ca conventional mic can record. Are you impressed by Nokia PureView and cannot wait to get your hands on it? Unfortunately, Nokia has not released this mobile phone yet and you will have to wait for some months.
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