How to Make Mouse Sander Refills

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    • 1). Place the felt paper on a flat work surface. Trace around the used mouse sander sandpaper refill to attain the proper shape for each homemade refill. Cut the sandpaper refill shapes from the felt paper.

    • 2). Cover a flat work surface with newspaper. Place the cutout felt paper shapes on the newspaper so the smooth side is facing up.

    • 3). Apply a liberal layer of hide glue on the smooth side of each felt paper shape with a sponge brush. Allow the hide glue to dry to a gel consistency. This will take approximately 15 minutes.

    • 4). Sprinkle a liberal amount of the carbide grit over the gel. Allow the gel to harden completely. This will take from one to two hours.

    • 5). Pick up the corner of one mouse sander refill. Gently tap the edge over the newspaper to remove excess carbide grit. Store the finished pieces of mouse sander refills in a flat, dry location.

    • 6). Pour excess carbide grit back into the carbide grit container for future use.

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