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P90X3 is a 90-day extreme fitness program designed to get you ripped in just 30 minutes a day. It combines a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an unprecedented variety of moves that keep every muscle challenged every day for 30 minutes of full-throttle intensity workouts.

If you ready to burn fat, build muscle and get ripped fast!! This is for you.
The MUSCLE ACCELERATION SYSTEM in P90X3 is designed to maximize your results in just 30 minutes by utilizing a new structure that will give you the best results after 90 days by working out half the time.

P90X3 is designed for all fitness levels. P90x3 is designed for those who want to get into the best shape in no time.
Tony Horton will make it simple for you to get ripped off right at your own home.Practice with Tony for muscle blasting Cardio workout and intense workout that will get your body in shape in 90 days.

P90X3 is not a sequel to P90X or P90X2. P90X3 is not an advance version. This is 30 minutes of PURE ACCELERATED results with no additional equipment needed! If you have your gear from P90X. And this is for everyone!! This is for the beginner, the athlete, all you boys and girls.


1. P90X3 Workouts are designed for 30 minutes long but still delivers the same results. Fast paced and accelerated.

2.Highlight of P90x3 is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) inspired workouts. MMA workouts have similar moves used by professionals training for martial arts combat, which includes high intensity and explosive moves such as punch, kick and jumping workouts.
3. Warm up is 2 minutes and then remaining 28 minutes for workout.

There is a special warm up disc called cold start that will help you to warm up for couple of minutes.

. P90X3 has an added Mass Schedule for more muscle building. For those of you who still want the hour long workouts, the Doubles Schedule is the way to go!

5.Simple and easy to follow nutrition plan which focus only on what you eat.

6. P90X3 comes with FOUR different modules: classic, lean, doubles, and Mass.

P90X3 is a 90 day program, divided into 3 Blocks. Blocks 1 and 2 lasts for 4 weeks each, while Block 3 lasts for 5 weeks.
Apart from these P90X3 offers Elite Block calendar, which is an additional/optional block to be done AFTER the initial 90 days, which lasts 4 weeks.
The Elite Block includes 3 workouts which are not included in the P90X3 Base Kit. These workouts and calendar are included in the P90X3 Deluxe and Ultimate Kits.They can also be purchased separately.
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