How to Repair a Jet Boat Exhaust Header

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    • 1). Remove the damaged header from the engine and clean it thoroughly. You'll want to clean the inside of the header too as carbon buildup in a semi-closed space can create a fire hazard.

    • 2). Cut the dented area out with a small-diameter cut-off wheel or a plasma cutter.

    • 3). Grind off any slag or burs from the cut with a hand file or a burr and rotary tool. Carefully de-burr the inside diameter.

    • 4). Grind a valley halfway through the metal with a cut-off wheel or small burr, along any cracks in the header. If you have a combination of cracks and dents, use a combination of these techniques.

    • 5). Match a piece of steel tubing to the area you cutout. If you do not have a matched piece, hand-peen flat stock on an anvil to match the shape to patch the header. Once you've matched the diameter, grind the edges to fit perfectly in the are you removed.

    • 6). Weld the patch into are you removed. You can MIG weld it or TIG weld the patch if it's a steel patch. Though some metals such as stainless steel may require TIG welding.

    • 7). Weld along the crack, filling the valley with your weld puddle.

    • 8). Grind the welds smooth with a flap sanding disc attachment on an angle grinder.

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