Cheap Vacation Spots - You Can"t Afford Not to Take One of These Affordable Summer Family Vacations

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Here are some ideas for cheap vacation spots for your summer vacation this year.
Don't worry, they won't cost too much money or put you in the "red.
" Ski vacations in the summer! Here's something I bet you never thought of - hitting the slopes for some summer fun.
What? That's crazy! (I know that's what you're thinking.
) It's true that even though you wouldn't be able to ski, there are lots of fun activities you can still have a great time enjoying in the mountains and with a far cheaper price.
You can go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, tubing, horseback riding, fishing, The views will be spectacular and you will have extremely discounted summer rates.
Do give this some consideration.
Travel the tropics in the summer.
Another great place to travel in the off season and find some amazing prices on hotels and flights is the Caribbean.
The only thing you will need to keep in mind is you may arrive during the hurricane season so check the forecast carefully before you go, and purchase travel insurance.
But honestly, you can visit really cheap during this time and save lots.
A theme park vacation is nice too! Taking advantage of state resident discounts makes the theme parks one of the most fun cheap vacation spots for the young and young at heart.
For example, in Florida where I live there is a Florida resident discount at all the theme parks.
Consider taking an "amusement park" vacation and make the rounds of all the touristy parks in your state, taking advantage of all the discounts for being a resident.
These sometimes are really excellent price cuts.
You can use them for hotel and resort stays as well.
Annual passes save a ton of money as well if you plan to be in the area more than a few days.
Whatever you do, don't pay the regular daily price.
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