What Is Google Panda Latest Update

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Google has been making some serious changes in its algorithms lately causing a storm in the online marketing sector. The online business world has experienced some serious after effects of this massive Google Panda algorithm change with many of the websites going down in their rankings and losing potential customers as well. So, what exactly is this Google Panda update and how can you make Google trust your website so that it stays in the good books of Google?

First and foremost, Google has given the top most priority to the content. The better the content, the better rankings your website will get. Tons of websites from all over the world have faced the wrath of this latest Panda update by Google just because their content quality was poor and not according to the guidelines or terms and conditions defined by Google. Previously, Google wasnt paying much attention to the quality of the content thats been posted on various blogs and article sites but suddenly it has shifted its complete focus towards this aspect and therefore has banished many websites which were not up to the standards. So, delivering shallow content is a big no if you want your online SEO business to flourish.

The second main area of concern where Google Panda update has been paying attention to is that how much promotional content has been coming from your website. After this update, many websites producing promotional content about their businesses have suffered a severe downfall so its better that when you are writing new or editing the old content written on your website, just use as less promotional words as you can. The main aim of Google Panda update is to make all the online businesses feel accustomed to the idea of giving maximum room and privileges to the customers rather than talking too much about what they are offering and why and how. So, its not about what you market or design, its all about what your visitors think about you or want from you.
Active keyword research has become more important than ever especially after this Google Panda update. Why so? Because from SEO point of view, if your article contains a good density of the targeted keywords, Google will find it more convenient to crawl it and therefore would rank your website on a better position. So, research before you write content and make sure that the keyword density is rich to get the best of results.

Google has been giving serious attention towards the content quality and the sudden changes in its algorithm is also mainly focused on those websites that are rich in content for example article directories and shopping websites. In order to get quality back-links after Google Panda update, follow the rule of less is more. A few but top quality back links would definitely rank your website on a reputable position in Google search engine rather than producing various low-quality back links. Relevant content, less promotional talk, avoiding overstuffing of too many URLs and back links and improving keyword density would definitely save your online business from the clutches of being effected from the latest Google Panda update.
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