The Complex Anatomy Of A Dog Is More Than You Might Imagine

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It is clear that we need to consider the characteristics of a dog.
Selective breeding has changed many of the features of dogs to be more in the sight of humans.
Consider the dog today with a jackal, or a hyena and it can be seen that many of the basic characteristics has been retained.
For example, debate about the dew claw on dogs and if they play any significant role.
The dog's dew claw can be found on the front feet of a dog and sometimes on the back feet, one of the issues is because the dew claws of some dogs actually grip the ground when the dog is running, is it helping to propel the dog? The fact that they are sometimes worn down like the nails on the feet suggest that they contribute to some degree of the dog's movement.
However there are some dogs who's dew claws do not touch the ground and in these dogs there are usually trimmed.
This has caused an interesting debate about whether the dew claws on dogs should be removed, since some people think that in the case where the dew claw is just attached to the skin and not the bone, that it can easily be torn off or cause other problems for the dog.
Others would suggest that removing the dew claws can be just as painful if not more than the unforeseeable risk involved in keeping the dew claws.
This is probably the main reason why it is illegal to remove them in some countries.
The external anatomy of a dog can be determined by three factors, there are the head, the body and the legs.
They structure and character may vary from breed to breed, but there is something that all dogs possess and that is instinct.
The basic instinct of a dog is that of a hunter and evolution has assisted them to proportion and have evolved their bodies so that they have become proficient at it.
From the earliest times that is what they did hunt for the pack.
Although most dogs today are not in the business of hunting anymore they still possess that instinctive ability to do so.
A basic understanding of the anatomy of dogs is extremely vital information for dog owners and trainers to have, e.
if you were considering entering a dog show, or maybe if your dog got injured you would be able to provide basic first aid until you can get to the vet.
It might even save you some money, especially if you don't have any pet insurance.
As an example, do you know or understand the role of the hair of a dog? No not that alcoholic drink, but the actual hair on the dog, well it is to protect the dog.
Most dogs shed their hair when it is to cold or to hot, or twice a year in the spring and fall.
Sometimes the hair will grow back in patches and this could indicate to you that there is a deficiency problem in the dog and if not checked could lead to other problems, because the hair is there to protect the dog skin.
The skin of the dog is where the sweat glands are located as in humans, but they do not perform the same task as they use theirs for the regulation of the surface temperature of their bodies.
Here is an interesting tit bit for you, do you know that scientist has discovered an extra healing property in the saliva of the dog? This amazing germicide is said to be so effective that it will heal minor wounds extremely fast, which is why you will see dogs licking they wounds, this germicide is said to work on humans as well.
Try it with a minor scratch if you get one and see for yourself and then come back here and let us all know about it.
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