How to Make Decorative Light Switch Plates

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    • 1). Choose your greeting card to fit the season or holiday.

    • 2). Place glue inside of your greeting card to glue the front and back together. Allow it to dry.

    • 3). Place your greeting card on a flat surface and put your light switch plate over it. Determine what part of the design you want to show.

    • 4). Trace around the light switch plate and around the small rectangle in the center where the toggle switch fits through. Use a pencil to trace your outline.

    • 5). Use a craft knife to cut along your traced lines.

    • 6). Fit your card on top of the light switch plate. Be sure to line it up with the center rectangle. Use white glue to secure the card to the light switch plate. Allow the glue to dry completely.

    • 7). Paint a coat of white glue over the top of the card and allow it dry thoroughly, or paint over the card with a coat of a decoupage medium, which can be found at craft stores. Allow it to dry before installing your light switch plate cover.

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