Round Coffee Table- Great Living Room Addition

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A round coffee table is the darling of many interior designers who wouldn't decorate a home without it. Interior decorators the world over recommend round tables especially for filling a small room or open space in which it can still remain functional. With a small round table ideally positioned in a family living room, family members are able to conveniently pick up and set down their coffee cups and snack plates. Some round tables also offer additional storage space options that can hold lamps, as well as put away remotes, playing cards and board games.

With the increasing size of modern homes and along with it the increasing size of sofa sets, many living rooms end up with a visual void that needs to be filled. The best way to eliminate such visual voids, as recommended by many an interior designer, is by centrally positioning a round coffee table in the room. The round shape of the table enables you to balance the elements of the larger sofa set by drawing opposite sides of the sofa together. For instance, with the cocktail table in place, you are able to feel closer to those on the opposite side of a larger U-shaped sofa set, without actually having to be closer. An attractive round table will compliment larger sofa sets located in larger living rooms. Such tables are great for filling space between sofas, as well as complimenting large sofas and eliminating the visual void created by having larger sofa sets and living rooms.

A round coffee table is also popular among interior designers because of the range of varying colors, shapes, sizes and materials that such tables are available in. Depending on your personal style preferences or existing decor, you could select cocktail tables made out of materials such as wood, metal or glass. In addition, the size of your round table will only be limited by the size of your room. As such, if you have a large room, you can accommodate a larger round table. Round tables are a favorite with interior designers as they fit well into the junction of an L-shaped sofa. Such tables are also versatile enough to be neatly positioned near your living room wall, thereby serving as an end table.

A round coffee table is great for homeowners that do a lot of entertaining, as well as those with young children. With such a cocktail table in place, children are able to do their arts and crafts without creating a mess in the living room. Many round table designs today feature storage options in the form of more shelves and drawers. Coffee table books and magazines can be neatly stacked on these shelves to avoid cluttering the coffee table top. As such, in your quest for more space to store your household items, a round table can prove a great blessing. A round coffee table is also the preferred choice of many interior designers as it allows for the bridging of the communication gap by making everyone in the room feel connected.
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