Learning a Bit About Preston, England

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When you go to Lancashire England you will find the city of Preston.
Located on the north bank of that River Ribble, and just becoming a city a few years back.
It actually is the 50th city in England.
Granted that status on the 50th year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth IIs rule.
A big city with a population well over 100,000 people.
Evidence has been found in the past to show that Romans would habitat this area at one time.
A parish would be formed in Preston during the Middle Ages too.
The first charter would be given to the location in 1179.
Once production of textiles was a major resource to the wealth of the city.
Plus the wool that would be produced in the area helped with the growth of Preston.
The inventor of the aid to weaving, the spinning frame was born in Preston too.
A location that saw a huge growth spurt during the Industrial Revolution, mainly due to textiles.
Each year there is a guild week that is held in this location.
It has been a tradition that has been around since around the sixteenth century.
Held around the time of the feast that celebrates the beheading of John the Baptist.
During this time there are concerts and many other things to take part in.
Almost exactly in the middle of a trip that would take one from London to Glasgow it has also been the location of many battles.
Many fought during the English Civil War, including the first rebellion of the Jacobite.
Plus the Battle Of Preston that took place in 1715, and one of the major battles in England.
Many wonderful locations to visit in Preston include a bunch of Museum choices, and St Walburges Church.
The church has the tallest spire of any English Church standing at 308 feet.
The Tulketh mill holds a lot of history from the textile times and is a fantastic stop to check out too.
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