How to Decorate a Real Middle Class Home

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    • 1). Shop at second-hand furniture stores, flea markets and yard sales to find great furniture pieces at low prices. Look for rustic pieces that look worn and used, as these pieces often match any decor and have more character and charm than new items with bigger price tags. If you need everything to match, take older, less expensive pieces, strip away paint and varnish, and repaint all pieces in one color or shades of one color.

    • 2). Decorate your middle-class home with color by painting or wallpapering the walls. Use two paint colors in one room to make dramatic accent walls, or use wall stencils to custom create your own patterned wall covering with two or more paint colors.

    • 3). Repurpose used items into decorative pieces. Instead of tossing out old blankets or clothes, salvage the material to create throw pillows, rag rugs, pot holders and couch throws. You may also purchase fabric and stuffing to make your own luxury throw pillows, curtains, throws and wall hangings.

    • 4). Spread decorating expenses over several weeks, months or years to make your decorating projects easier for you to afford. Set aside $15, $30 or more each week for your decorating fund. Purchase inexpensive items each week or save to purchase big-ticket decorating items such as large wall art, garden statues or furniture.

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