A Positive Obesity Story

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Most of the time when the media focuses on the negative figures associated with obesity, whilst, the stories of people who have succeeded in overcoming the challenges are featured in drips.
There is nothing wrong with highlighting a problem but to ignore the whole story is problematic because it creates the impression that there is no hope.
The stories are an opportunity to get the message to other people that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle if that is what they want to do.
The sharing of stories is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the obesity challenge.
Most of the successful stories give other people hope that they can turn around their lives and experience it abundantly.
The are three things that happen when stories are shared; #1 Rediscover the power of choice You might believe that you are powerless and there is nothing you can do to change your life experience.
However, the experiences of other people might show that you are indeed powerful.
Someone somewhere has been in the same situation and they have come through triumphant.
When you share a story you empower other individuals who are struggling to take up the challenge.
Each story is a tapestry of wisdom.
When you read it gives you ideas about how you will tackle your own journey.
Hen you see that something is possible you begin to understand the power you have as an individual.
This is the power of choice.
In other words, you are not just a powerless individual without a prayer.
Every choice you have ever made shows that you are powerful because it has created powerful consequences even if those results have taken time.
#2 The power of Inspiration Inspiration is powerful way to get someone of their feet and start on a journey.
Without being inspired we are unlikely to try.
As human beings we need to be encouraged.
The most successful people have a source of encouragement.
If you cannot find support and encouragement within the circle of people you associate with then reading other people stories is just as powerful a medium to get that encouragement.
#3 Nothing is Impossible All you need to have is Knowledge and the wisdom to use that wisdom to have victory over obesity.
Give them the power to believe that there is nothing impossible.
When a story is shared it releases the power of possibility.
Every story is about possibility.
However, the choice, to live that possibility into reality lies with the individual.
After all impossible means I+ M+Possible.
Sharing your story with other people will inspire them to start making changes in their own lives.
It does not matter if you have failed countless times, as long as you have not given up you are already on your way to victory.
Everyone has a story to tell, you never know you story will change the life of someone.
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