Affiliate Marketing Help That Won"t Empty Your Wallet

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Affiliate marketing help is not just an abstract concept.
Newcomers to making money online struggle trying to sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of finding out which information can truly help them, and which information merely empties their own pockets.
For far too long, newcomers to the industry have been preyed upon and taken advantage of by unethical individuals who care not a whit for helping anyone but themselves.
Affiliate marketing help is dangled in front of these newcomers, or "newbies" as they are sometimes referred to by more experienced marketers.
But the help that is offered to them is often unfortunately full of misinformation, half-truths and outright lies.
These so-called "gurus" benefit greatly by keeping these folks in the dark.
Think I'm making this up? Think about this then? Why do you think the gurus often provide keywords for affiliates to promote their products? It's not because they are so generous.
It's because they want to make sure that they keep all of the high-paying keywords to themselves for pay-per-click and AdSense campaigns.
By sending the newbies down the garden path, they are chuckling as well as stuffing their own bank accounts with money.
Affiliate marketing help that newcomers need to be looking for is real help by real people who make their living by affiliate marketing, not merely by writing useless e-books to con newbies with.
Help for newbies should come in the form of advice from those who make their living in the trenches, endlessly testing and authenticating their marketing results and tools of the trade.
All too often, people who present themselves as "experts" in the field do not make their living in the trenches at all; they simply set up e-mail lists and bombard their audience with outdated, expensive advice.
Affiliate marketing help like this is available, and it is extremely affordable as well.
You will learn to build your own websites using WordPress, the platform that lets non-coders create professional looking websites quickly and easily.
You will also receive access to a terrific forum that will provide answers to all of your affiliate marketing questions, without fear of being labeled "stupid" just because you are new to the business.
You will also learn about high-tech marketing tools that many internet marketers currently have no idea even exist, and you can bet that the gurus never want you to get your hands on these! You will finally receive the personal attention that you need to get your online business off the ground.
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