What Can A Private Environmental Management Company Do For You?

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We are all affected by our environment: there are toxins in the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, and the foods we eat. Not all toxins are highly hazardous, of course, and a certain amount of exposure will not do any lasting harm. However, when it comes to the management of serious environmental hazards either in a residential or industrial setting, it is essential to have the right team on your side to help prevent disaster. Here are some facts about what a private environmental management company can do for you.

Residential Services

Mold and Radon gas are two hazards that your family should never come into contact with. Indoor air quality greatly affects health and well-being; some of the common reactions to mold include: sinus problems, unexplained congestion and coughing, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, and even anxiety and memory loss. Radon gas exposure over long periods of time is thought to be a carcinogen and homes with high levels of radon need to have their floors remodeled to fix the problem.

An environmental management company will conduct a thorough air quality assessment of your home along with mold sampling. If problems are found to exist, they will immediately begin work on remediation strategies to help your home be clean and safe again.

Commercial Services

If you are building a new facility, you want to know that the land on which you plan to build is free from toxins which could present significant problems later on. Professional environmental management employees will come in and provide preliminary assessments of your chosen site; following this step, they will provide field screening, conduct ground sampling, and other vital testing. Mobile ground testing units allow such a service to provide these tests with on-site results, meaning less down time for you.

If necessary, an environmental management team will provide remediation services to help correct any problems, along with continued long-term monitoring, if desired. It will also be happy to provide environmental construction, excavation, demolition, and disposal services as well.

Underground oil tank removal is a hazardous job that requires an experienced group of professionals to be done properly and without any negative environmental repercussions. State certified contractors are authorized to remove any non-leaking oil tanks that may need to be taken out, and many states offer lucrative cash incentives to businesses that chose to take advantage of this service. In addition to removal of the tank, the environmental management company will also conduct soil and groundwater testing and perform remediation and any other site restoration chores if needed.
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