How To Overcome Depression By Exiting Negative States

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You must start controlling how you think.
Negative states widespread with people who are depressed.
When you see a restless person, always a person in foul mood, a person who always wants to be alone, a person who always speaks negative, probably you are seeing a person suffering from depression.
If you are one of these people, it is not the real you when you are in these states.
Negative states overpower people, that is why they are difficult to overcome..
So remember, negative states are not the real you.
Stop succumbing to them! There are two solutions.
first and this is very obvious but you need to become aware that you indeed are suffering from these states..
Awareness is key, when a person becomes aware on an inner level what is happening to them, things change.
Become aware when you are thinking negatively.
When one is aware that something false is happening, one can change this.
It is not the real you we are talking about here.
You are a person of love and hope.
This is the real you at your core.
Secondly, just try to stop the source dead in its tracks.
You can't stop a negative thought from entering your mind but you can decide the mood of the next thought.
Make sure it is positive as this will stop a potential negative state growing.
These states are designed to hold you hostage.
They do not want to make decisions for you, they do not want you to come to any conclusions.
What negative states want to merely keep you under control under lock and key.
This is a dark state, a state where they master you, a state where they have a grip on you but only if you let them..
Awareness is so important.
These states are illusions, figments of your imagination but the problem is that your mind acts on the thoughts you think.
Even though the thoughts could be superficial and not true, they do hold vast power in the mind.
This is why you must not let yourself enter negative states on a consistent basis.
You must strive to transcend them.
How to transcend them is by making a split second decision to exit this state.
You most certainly have the power to do this.
Transcend them consistently and you will notice that after a while, you no longer experience negative states.
There and then you will overcome depression.
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