Explore the Stages of Grief After a Breakup So That You Can Sort Out Your Own Life!

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You can easily start losing faith in yourself after your partner leaves you, but experts suggest that a deep insight into the common stages of grief after a breakup can help you retain your sanity and adopt a more positive approach towards the whole issue.
Anyone who has suffered a breakup with his or her partner can tell that it all begins when you start catching some signs of an approaching breakup and the final and most painful stage is when you simply have to put up with it and live your life normally! But have you given thought to the rainbow of emotions that one has to go through during a breakup? Here are the main stages of a breakup, so that you can better comprehend your situation and arrive at a wise decision: - You Feel badly hurt The journey of grief and anguish of a partner after the breakup begins as he learns that her partner is planning to breakup.
This is the initial phase in the series of stages of grief after a breakup.
It feels like as if you have been hit by a speeding bullet in pitch darkness and you have no where to hide or no one to turn to.
The level of pain can be all the more intense if you and your Ex had a long relationship.
Similarly if you had a really intimate relationship with your partner, you are likely to suffer a great blow after the breakup.
Some people show the tendency of not reacting extraordinarily after their partner announces the breakup, but soon their brain starts recognizing the immense loss they have suffered.
- Your Mind Refuses to Accept this Dreadful News Second stage that takes a hold on you after the breakup is the denial stage.
Your mind refuses to accept that your partner will no longer be with you and this denial mode can last for quite some time in case you have had a very passionate relationship with your partner.
The fact of the matter is that remaining in an unreal world without giving any consideration to the harsh reality of the breakup is not going to get you anywhere and prolonging this stage can only have adverse effects on your personality and overall mental health.
Some say that this is one of the worst stages of grief after a breakup as it puts immense stress on the victim's mind.
- You Start Losing Your Temper As soon as you accept the truth, your emotions run high and you start to lose your temper.
Experts suggest that you need to be extra cautious as you go through this stage as you are susceptible of engaging in dangerous activities in order to release your nervous energy and volatile emotions.
Among the stages of grief after a breakup, the state of anger can be most dangerous as unless you control your temper you can easily do any act that will obliterate any possibility of a patch up with your Ex.
- Depression Takes Over Once you release your angry emotions, without succeeding in getting your Ex back, you start feeling helpless, lonely and, worst of all, depressed.
Depression is a mental state that can make each passing minute highly stressful, so for your own sake you need to make sure that you get out of the lull as soon as possible.
A number of techniques can be helpful in doing away with mental depression, so make sure you don't sit idle in your bedroom thinking about the breakup all the time, rather you should be more active and keep your body moving so that your mind starts thinking in the right direction as well.
- You Finally Accept the Breakup The last stage of grief after a breakup is that the reality starts sinking in your mind and you start thinking more practically.
The fact of the matter is that no one likes to be scraped by their partner, but you need to make sure you move on quickly in your life and soon enough you will find another partner to resume a happy and fulfilling life!
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