Tips on Removing Trim From a Mobile Home

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    Tools and Supplies

    • Before attempting to remove the trim, gather a soft cloth or rag, work gloves, nose mask, safety goggles, utility knife, flat screwdriver, a small crowbar and a hammer. You also need plastic sheeting or drop cloths to catch any dust and debris that may be on or behind the trim. It is best to place the tools and supplies in the room or area where you are working before beginning the project.

    Preparing for Trim Removal

    • Put on a pair of work gloves, a nose mask and safety goggles first to keep any loose dust and debris from getting on your hands, in your nose and eyes. Place multiple pieces of plastic sheeting or drop cloths on the floor under the trim to protect the flooring from debris. The mobile home's trim may have dust, dirt and other debris on the material. Also cover any furnishings in the room or area to keep the items from getting dirty.

    Breaking the Sealant

    • To break the sealant or caulking holding the trim in place, cut above and below the trim into the sealant/caulking with a utility knife. Slowly pry one section of the trim upward with a flat screwdriver to further break the sealant. Work in sections. For stubborn trim, use a small crowbar.

    Removing Trim

    • Use your hands and a crowbar to pull the trim slowly from the wallboard. Use a hammer to remove any nails or screws from the trim if you plan on reusing the material. Work on one wall or area at a time. Place the pieces of trim in a pile on the opposite end of the room or area to keep from tripping over the material.

      If you don't plan on reusing the trim, dispose of the material in your home's outdoor trash can.

    Dealing With Broken Trim

    • Mobile home trim breaks and splits easily, and you may or may not be able to reuse it in another project or area. If the trim starts breaking, slowly pull it from the wallboard with your hands. If you want to use the broken pieces, use a hand saw or jigsaw to trim the broken ends.

    Clean Up

    • Once the trim is down, wipe the walls or areas with a soft cloth or rag to remove any dust and debris that may be present on the surfaces. Use a damp cloth or rag if the debris is heavy or stubborn.

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