Where to Find Los Angeles CNA Classes

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For those that enjoy caring for other individuals, a career as a CNA is a choice of a career. A CNA is a career in health care, and it is a career that many who enjoy nurturing and caring for other individuals are choosing. The salary and benefits of a CNA are good, and there are some wonderful employment opportunities such as a nursing assistant job in a hospital.

Although becoming a CNA does not take years of lengthy experience, it does require training. Most CNA course do cost; however, there are programs that can be completed for free. Finding free CNA training and enrolling in it, may take a bit longer than the actual courses through colleges or online, but it is an option to the paid CNA courses. The following will provide you with the various options you have to enroll and complete CNA training and to become certified in the field, so that you can fulfill your dream of caring for other individuals.

CNA Training Options

To start, if you are in search of free CNA training, then you best bet is likely to look at health care facilities within your community. Often times, you can create a contract with the health care facility which simply be, you work for the health care facility for a set amount of time and in return you earn your CNA training. The time that you are in training at the health care facility is normally not paid training, but you are gaining the experience that you need to become a certified CNA and often, when you become a licensed CNA then you have a job waiting for you, should you decide to continue working at the facility. If this is an option that you are considering, then it is important to check out the health care facility completely. Speak with the nurses, tour the facility, interact with other employees and make sure that patients are well cared for as well as the upkeep of the facility.

High schools are another means to obtain free CNA training, and normally can begin when the student is in high school. Not all high schools offer these courses, so you will need to check with the school itself to see if cna classes are available.

The online Internet courses are very popular to many, as they are able to work in their spare time to obtain their training. These classes can be paid and free and are diverse, as the Internet has a number of programs to choose. For those that are working and unable to attend a classroom setting, this is a great option.

If you choose a paid CNA training course, then the cost of the course will depend on your location and the course in which you enroll. Paid CNA courses may range from a few hundred dollars into the thousands. One thing to remember is that you may be eligible for a grant or a student loan which will help to offset the cost of the course.

Once you have completed the training, you will then be qualified to take the state exam. Each student that passes the state exam will then be registered in the State Registry and begin to seek employment as a CNA.
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