Making Biodiesel From Synthetic Oil

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Biodiesel is something that can be made from any triglyceride.
The product that is used the most for this in the United States would be soybean oil.
Of course this is not the only oil used other oils include vegetable oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil sunflower and a few others.
There are also oils made from animal lard which is another type of triglyceride.
When you think about the environment it is great to use this fuel especially when it comes to degradation.
When this environmentally friendly fuel is compared to diesel, you will find that diesel degrades twice as fast.
There are a few different blends available, pure is 100% biodiesel and nothing else and there are many other blends such as B2, B5, B10, B20, and others.
Those numbers represent the percentage of biodiesel that is mixed with regular petroleum for example B2 represents 2 percent and then 98% petroleum.
But what exactly is this fuel product that we make from synthetic oil.
It is a fuel that is an alternative to petroleum that is also biodegradable.
There is no petroleum in it however it can be mixed at different blend levels of petroleum.
It happens to be one of the most thoroughly tested fuels that are on the market today.
It is a great invention because it decreases are dependence on foreign oils as well as it helps out the farmers that we have in our own country.
Through research, it has proven itself to perform quite similarly to regular diesel in all the different types of engines and equipment that we are using for heating.
Making biodiesel from synthetic oil is just one method that scientists have discovered.
It will be interesting to see what else they come up with in the not too distant future perhaps it will perform better then petroleum.
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