How to Remove Part of a Kitchen Counter With a Splash Guard

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    • 1). Remove the drawers from underneath the section of countertop to be dismantled. Clear off the countertop and under-sink cabinet. Shut off the water and disconnect the pipes with a wrench.

    • 2). Break the caulk seal between the backsplash and wall by running a utility knife through it. Push the putty knife behind the backsplash to loosen the adhesive and separate it from the wall. Pull it straight off of the wall and discard.

    • 3). Run the putty knife in between the outer edge of the sink and the countertop to loosen it. Pull the sink and attached splash guard straight up and out of the countertop.

    • 4). Reach under the countertop and remove the screws that attach the section to be removed to the cabinet base. Use the putty knife to loosen any glue holding the two sections of the counter together by pushing the blade down between the two. Pull the countertop carefully off of the base and discard.

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