A Canvas Print And How They Are Made

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Canvas prints are a wonderful idea for you and your home if your thinking of lifting the spirits and atmosphere in your life and getting the right canvas print and all the ingredients to have a lovely looking canvas print can be a little tricky as there is so many different types of canvas prints out there to choose from.

The basics you would expect to find in a canvas print would be that the canvas is of a inkjet material and that it has been printed on form a large format inkjet printer, second would be that the frame used for the canvas print is 4 stretcher bar frames, when I say 4 basically a stretcher bar frame on its own is one end of the frame, you just need to slot all four sides together to create a 4 sides frame with it and this is what is normaly used by canvas printing companies. One reason why a stretcher bar frame is used rather than a typical wooden frame is that a stretcher bar frame would have bevelled edges on one side which would allow the canvas to breath when weathering through hot and cold period time of the year otherwise if the canvas didnt have any room to breathe then you would end up with a very sagging canvas print so stretcher bars are very important when looking at your options for choosing a canvas photo print. Also another reason why a normal wooden frame wouldnt be the best option is because if you didnt have the bevelled edge then the wood would end up cutting in the canvas and on the face and you would see the wood mark so stretcher bar frames are essential.

Next would be the actual making of the canvas print. So lets say you have one square canvas print for example. Firstly when you send your image across to the canvas printer for printing and if you looking to have a square canvas print made then its always worth either giving the an image that has lots of background or you can crop the image square yourself as all photo are either a rectangle shape of just of square shape so if you gave the canvas printer a photo the has wall to wall items that you want to be in view on the canvas print and you wanted to square canvas made then the canvas makers will have to crop/chop some of the image from the sides so its advised to give them a photo that fits the size canvas print needed otherwise you can ask the to do this for you on their image software they use for printing from. Then once all of the ingredients and materials are all correct you would end up with a very nice canvas print indeed so the main things to look out for is the stretcher bars and that the canvas printing business uses inkjet canvas for your canvas prints and then you will be able to benefit from a work of art that you can treasure all your life.
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