How to Fold Shirts Without Wrinkles

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    • 1). Iron your shirt. It is best to remove stubborn wrinkles and press the shirt smoothly prior to folding. Button the front placket and the cuffs. If the shirt has a front pocket with a button, it is best to button it to avoid the fabric shifting and wrinkling the pocket area.

    • 2). Flip the shirt over and lay it flat on your work surface. Take each sleeve and fold it at the armhole toward the shirt's center back. The sleeves will cross at the back of the shirt.

    • 3). Fold each side toward the middle of the shirt. The sideseams will be positioned under the collar, but may not necessarily meet at the center of the collar.

    • 4). Fold the tail toward the collar. The shirt should now be half its size. Oversized shirts can often require an extra fold. Check your storage space and make sure the shirt is folded according to the space to avoid further wrinkles.

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