Alpaca Sweaters - Cleaning and Storage Tips to Make Your Garment Last a Lifetime

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If you own an alpaca sweater, you recognize the quality and value of these unique types of apparel.
Alpaca sweaters can literally last a lifetime with proper care.
Here are a few simple tips you should follow...
Why Buy An Alpaca Sweater? Alpaca sweaters are one of many accessories and garments made from the fleece of alpacas, a gentle and friendly animal with origins in South America.
These environmentally friendly creatures are sheared annually, usually in the spring before warm weather arrives.
Their durable yet silky soft fleece is then woven using minimal processing to create various apparel and home accessory items like sweaters, blankets, gloves, hats, and more.
If you already own one of these sweaters, you know how warm they are.
They have been measured to be twice as warm as wool, but without the scratchy feel that sometimes irritates bare skin.
And yet, as warm as alpaca sweaters are, they are also very breathable, making for a comfortable, consistent wearing experience.
The durable fibers are woven to create warmth that is thorough but not constricting or stifling.
Two other reasons to own one of these sweaters are their durability and hypoallergenic properties.
If wool, cotton, or other fibers irritate your skin, try alpaca.
Their fibers are exceptionally smooth to the touch and naturally hypoallergenic.
In terms of durability, it is not uncommon for alpaca items to be handed down from generation to generation.
With proper care, they will last a lifetime and then some.
Cleaning Your Alpaca Sweater The best way to clean your sweater is with a gentle, non abrasive soap or detergent, preferably non scented.
Standard laundry detergents are harsh and can conflict with the hypoallergenic nature of the fiber.
We recommend you use baby shampoo.
It is just about the most gentle and natural cleaning agent you'll find, and it leaves a pleasant scent.
To clean the sweater, fill a laundry tub or your utility sink with cool water.
Add a cap full of baby shampoo and gently swish your garment in the soapy water.
Just a few minutes is sufficient.
Do not place your sweater in the dryer since you may experience shrinkage.
Just drape it over a clothes rack or railing and allow it to air dry.
Another method is to spread it out over beach towels and flip it over once or twice to let the air dry it in a few hours.
Storage Tips If you need to store your sweater for months at a time, there are two methods we recommend.
The best is in a cedar chest.
In fact, we like storing any kind of garments in a cedar chest.
The cedar imparts a fresh clean scent and moths and other insects are naturally repelled.
Further, a cedar chest is an attractive accent to your home decor.
Another way is to store the garment in a sealed plastic bag.
There is no hard in folding it to fit almost any size bag, but ideally store it alone, without other sweaters or garments within.
Summary Alpaca sweaters are among the most durable you can buy.
They will last for decades given proper care.
Just follow these simple storage tips for cleaning and storage and you can expect it to last indefinitely.
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