Getting Past The Average Line, One Way Or Another

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Nobody wants to lose, nobody wants to be average.
Many people say that to themselves, at the very least, but in an outer and tangible way they do not mean it at all.
The few that genuinely do not want to lose or be average and win make it look harder than it is when genuine perseverance and "stubbornness" are involved.
The reality, though, is that when we really want something, nothing keeps us from it.
But how many human beings even in a shallow way admit their deepest wants to themselves, let alone admit them in a deep way? As we can tell by reality and society, not many people do.
This article is about winning, and if you want to win take this advice seriously.
If you have a great goal that you really want, take this advice seriously: Temporary failure does not matter.
Permanent success does matter.
Failure is the school, success is the permanent graduation.
All genuinely good, successful people see success and failure this way.
Nothing matters but the ultimate success that is wanted by the person achieving the goal.
As for others, well unless they can genuinely contribute to the goal positively, forget them.
Yes, I give cold and simple advice that will work if applied correctly.
But all the best advice is cold, simple advice if applied correctly.
The worst is complex advice that just looks like it works, but it does not.
If you read this far intelligently without reviling what you read, you understand this material and that is wonderful.
The real money made is through action to make it and not through talk or boasting about making it or how much you made yesterday.
Today is cold, hard cash! We are conscious before we are really anything else.
Before consciousness, we cannot genuinely make a choice on how to apply anything other than to follow instinct, weak or strong.
Indeed, consciousness is what is required to be a winner or loser by choice.
It does not matter how advanced or simple you are.
In this proper context, this is what makes choice the very important thing that it is.
Choice is to lead, instinct is to ultimately follow when it really comes down to it.
Birds fly by instinct, but human beings build the airplane by choice.
That is the most powerful illustration of this reality of choice or instinct I can come up with.
The reality of deciding to fly or using nature given instinct to fly.
So, I officially end with this: We can think, we can choose and we can invent, that is superior and more winning than any instinct.
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