How to Find and Catch Earthworms Easily

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    • 1). Wait for a rainy day. After a long rain the soil gets flooded with water. This causes the earthworms to come up to the surface at night to breath. If you have ever noticed little piles of crumbling dirt on the ground the day after a rain storm, these are signs that nightcrawlers have surfaced for air.

    • 2). The night after a good rain, quietly go out to any grassy or dirt area and shine your flashlight around. You will see huge worms just laying on top of the soil. Some will be fully exposed, others just partially exposed.

    • 3). Quickly grab the worms before they have time to slip back into the soil. Now these worms are quick so you have to be even faster. If the worm managed to make it halfway into the dirt, gently pull them back out or dig up the area around the worm.

    • 4). After sweeping an area. Wait about 10 minutes and then head back over it again. If you missed a few worms earlier, they will usually resurface in a matter of minutes.

    • 5). Once you have a bucket full of worms, fill it with dirt and mix the worms in. Always store the worms in your refrigerator to keep them alive before it's time to go fishing.

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