Campaign Managers and Political Election Analysis

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If you're a campaign manager who is running the election efforts of a political candidate, then analyzing election statistics from past years can help you get a better grasp on exactly what it will take to win your race.
When you analyze the election statistics, you will know from the beginning how the election is likely to turn out if you do nothing, and if you work like a dog.
You will see that you can count on getting 350 votes in good old Democratic Ward 5, Precinct C, easily.
You will also realize that you will have to work very hard to get even 150 votes in Republican Ward 5, Precinct A.
So if you are going to win at all, as a campaign manager you have to get your candidate at least 250 votes from the voters in Swing Ward 5, Precinct B.
By using this kind of analysis as a campaign manager, you will already have begun to focus your campaign efforts even though your candidate has not even filed to run for office yet.
The whole purpose of reviewing election statistics is to break down an overwhelming task into smaller workable units.
It gives you a real advantage to know at the very beginning, I can win this if I get 250 votes in Precinct 5B.
One main purpose to have a competent campaign manager analyze the statistics is so that you will not be intimidated by trying to go after 35,000 people, or 22,000 voters, or even 3,500 votes.
Having a workable, attainable target number for each precinct gives a candidate a tremendous psychological edge.
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