Empowering Youth - 3 Ingredients For Life-Long Learning

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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
" - Mark Twain You didn't have to pass a test to have children but if you expect to be a good parent you certainly should do something to improve your parenting skills.
The same philosophy needs to apply when it comes to learning opportunities for your children.
It is critical that you take an active part in your child's education, both in and out of school.
When they are successful adults, you will reap the benefits of the effort and guidance you put forth now.
Life-long learners look at each day and every moment as an opportunity by...
Watching is a key ingredient to learning.
You can learn more about parenting by watching other parents.
Everywhere you go; be it church, the mall, the park or the doctor, there is parenting happening.
You watch, observe, and listen to parents and their children interact all the time.
Likewise, you should encourage your child to watch carefully, observe intently and listen actively so they can learn from their surroundings.
By the way, I-spy is a fun game to play to improve observation skills.
You listen when you watch.
Keeping your eyes and ears open is easy to teach and model for your child.
Whether you are in the middle of traffic driving your kids to school or at the beach for a family weekend getaway, you can come up with a lot of fun listening activities.
Experiment! Be creative! Close your eyes and challenge your children to experience the sounds around them.
Encourage them to take everything in.
Your kids will enjoy the adventure and be surprised at the new sounds they discover.
A thirst for knowledge can be contagious.
So when you have it, you are more likely to spread it to your children.
Be enthusiastic about the prospect of learning and your kids will naturally pick up on both your passion and your curiosity.
When it comes to your children's learning, always be proactive.
There are learning opportunities everywhere; the library, the Internet, and even your friends.
Knowledge resources are plentiful.
Give your kids a reason to seek out new information.
A scavenger hunt is always a great way for your kids to learn.
Try one at the local library, it will be fun and teach your child how to locate books.
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