Wall Colors That Go With Hues of Plum

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    • Using shades in various depth of color from the same family creates a monochromatic theme which can have a subtle impact. Plum as the deeper shade can be accented with lighter shades of the same tone. Since plum can range from a rich purple with blue undertones, to a regal brilliant purple with more red aspects the shades should match your particular plum. A deep red toned plum mixes well with a soft rose as a big accent, then cool white to bring the colors out. A blue tinted plum is a dramatic deep color that is softened by lavender and a pale white with a hint of the plum tone added to bind the room together.


    • Shades like sage, pale buttery yellow or even teal depending on the plum shade can be complementary to plum and make a good combination. Complementary means opposite on the color wheel, colors of a completely different nature that enhance or even out a color, especially one as dramatic as plum. A plum couch with soft sage colored walls is an example of how both colors bring out the best in each other.


    • Jewel up the tones by mixing plum with other bright and bold tones. Add a deep green with a cool tone in accents, and a dramatic addition like a silver to make it really pop. Orange, gold, a deep shade of bright green, silver or even copper can set off the color plum. Be careful when choosing a wall color in these tones to be sure it enhances and doesn't drown the rest of the scheme.


    • Wheat, a soft forest green, pale rose, even white can be natural colors that blend with plum depending on the level of drama you want in your scheme. You could take it floral and pastel by using lavender, rose and cream with your plum, or the fruited plains by using a tan shaded wheat color, a buttery yellow and a hint of a soft green in minor accents.

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