Surviving Prostate Cancer With the Master Cleanser?

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When a doctor tells you that you have prostate cancer (or any type of cancer) your world changes.
One of the thoughts that you have is "what can I do to change this", at least that's what went through my mind.
Cancer is a disease that overwhelms your defense mechanism.
Your body doesn't have the resources or energy it needs to stop and eliminate the growing problem.
The master cleanser can help free up energy, make more resources available and balance the natural processes in your body.
The normal process of digestion uses up between 10-30% of the energy that you take in everyday, turning solid food into a liquid that your body can use.
When you use the master cleanser diet your body gets its nutrition in a liquid form giving the digestive tract a lot less work to do.
The energy that your body saves in that area can now be used by the immune system to fight your cancer.
Over the years, due to processed food and pollution, plaque builds up on the walls of the intestine and blocks the intestines ability to pass nutrients to the blood which is used to rebuild cells in your body.
The detox part of the master cleanser strips that plaque away allowing more of the nutrients from your food to be available to help rebuild your body.
With more nutrients to build with the body can make more cancer fighting cells and repair tissue damaged by disease.
The lemonade drink that you mix up for the diet keeps liquid flowing in your body to wash out the many toxins that you have acquired over time.
The toxins flow out of your body as waste while allowing your system to rebalance itself and become healthier.
I had first stage prostate cancer and doing this was a better alternative then radiation or surgery.
The master cleanser was not easy to do for 10 days but surgery and radiation are still available if needed.
Your body can do amazing things if you let it, I've seen this first hand.
If you or someone you care about has cancer, consider all of your options and look into the possibility that the master cleanser might be of some help.
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