Windowsill Herb Garden Solutions

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You want to grow your own herb garden but you have no space outside and none inside but you do want to have a decent size crop of herbs at the end.
So what do you do? Well you can have a windowsill herb garden right there on your windowsill.
Look for the widest windowsill you can find in the house, preferably on a west or south facing window with lots of sunshine and if possible, conveniently located in the kitchen.
If it is not deep enough, you can fashion a piece of wood to the width of the windowsill and the depth of your choice, perhaps eighteen inches wide.
Screw your "new windowsill" onto the original windowsill, securely.
Now you have the windowsill size of your choice.
Alternatively you could construct a single or double stepped bench (much like a staircase) and place it just in front of the window; that is if it will not obstruct the passageway.
If the available windowsill does not get enough sunlight but you like the location, then you can supplement it with lighting from fluorescent tube lighting from above it.
If you wish, there are specially designed metal planters that have several potholders that branch out from a centre pole.
Such a planter can be placed in front of the window, space permitting.
Alternatively, a single container can be constructed to fit onto the windowsill or you can have your windowsill herb garden in a few 10 inch pots.
Whilst you will not inundated with herbs, your harvest will be more than adequate for your pickings and perhaps even for that occasional one time harvest that will suffice for an entire dish.
Assuming that this windowsill herb garden is situated in your kitchen, watering it sparingly but adequately will be no problem at all.
Herbs cannot stand to have a water-logged root system.
The only bit of work will be in pruning it so that they will not grow too bushy or tall.
You can even turn your pruning into joy if it is in the form of harvesting, when you pick the foliage for your cooking instead of the bin! Harvesting your crops is the perfect alternative to the chore of pruning.
Once you know how you want to grow your herbs, you next step is to consider the herbs you want to harvest.
Choose herbs that are not naturally busy or tall when full grown or use the dwarf varieties.
Even though pruning always help, care should be taken not to harvest more than one third of your plant at any one time as it needs its remaining two thirds to recover.
Remember not to harvest until you see fresh growth which is evidence that it has established itself.
Some suggestions of suitable herb plants for your windowsill herb garden include basil, sage, tarragon, cilantro, parsley, oregano and chives.
There are several windowsill herb garden kits commercially available but of course putting your own windowsill herb garden together will be more economical as you will probably have seeds left over to plant again if they are annuals (have to replant every year) or if you want a second windowsill herb garden elsewhere in the house.
Try it.
It can be a source of immense satisfaction for you.
If you need help that gives you the exact steps to follow to produce the guaranteed results you want then check out "Successful Herb Gardening ~ Step-by-Step" at 100% risk free.
You can download it at any time at the Herb Gardening Site.
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