Happy Days Playing in the Garden

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When we think about our childhoods we may remember particular days or events with fondness.
When it comes to our own children, many of us aim to create similar happy memories for them, in the hope that they too will one day look back upon them.
Fun days spent in the garden can be a great way to do this.
Thinking back to my own childhood, there's no doubt that many of the most happy occasions were spent outdoors, enjoying summer sunshine and the simple pleasures of playing in a safe environment.
Sometimes those memories involve splashing about in a paddling pool or enjoying using a slide, or maybe a bouncy castle.
Do children of today take part in the same activities? They do, but it often seems that they do so to a much more limited extent.
Young lives are more likely to be dominated by indoor pursuits, where watching television or playing computer games appear to be seen as being more enjoyable.
But are such indoor activities likely to be remembered in years to come? Possibly to a lesser extent, but many of us would find it hard to believe that they would have the same impact.
That's one reason why I like to encourage my kids to get outdoors, to enjoy the fresh air and to have fun playing games that are more active.
There's also a more serious reason for encouraging these activities - it's good for their health.
Studies show that children who have a lack of exercise when they are young are much more likely to have health problems during their adult years.
It's also worth remembering that bad habits picked up as children are likely to continue into adult life.
That can be quite a sobering thought.
But put into this context it's plain to see that there are plenty of advantages of encouraging kids to play outdoors.
If you can create a safe environment in your garden then why not use it so that your children can have fun playing, while also keeping fit? It's not a difficult task but it is one that can be very rewarding.
Many outdoor games can also be great fun for you all to partake in as a a family too.
Help your children to enjoy playing in the garden and you may just enable them to have some of the same happy memories that you look back on.
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