How to Calculate Cubic Meters for Fire Wood

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    • 1). Measure the circumference of the log in centimeters. Our example log has a circumference of 240 centimeters.

    • 2). Convert the circumference to meters by dividing by 100, because 100 centimeters make up a single meter. Continuing the example, the circumference is 2.4 meters.

    • 3). Divide the circumference by 2 times the number pi to get the radius in meters. Use 3.14 for the number pi; 2 times 3.14 is 6.28. In our example, 2.4 meters divided 6.28 equals a radius of .38 meters.

    • 4). Measure the height of the log in meters. Our example log is 8 meters long.

    • 5). Multiply the number pi times the height and times the square of the radius to obtain the volume of the log in cubic meters. Completing the example, 3.14 times 8 meters times (.38 meters squared) equals 3.6 cubic meters of firewood.

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