Guide to beat the summer heat in India

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The tropical climate of India has hot summers and pleasant winters and one must know some ways of beating the summer heat in India. Topography of India shows a variety of regions combined together to form an incredible India offering different experiences for the visitors. One can visit these places even in the summer by taking little precautions. May is observed as the peak of the summer season in many parts of India and following precautions will help you in facing the heat of the summers in India during this period.

While travelling in the summers to some of the Indian destinations you should carry cotton clothes which are the best to wear during this season. Apply sunscreen before going out in the sun and keep it in your baggage, so that it can used during entire visit. Avoid deep colored synthetic clothes and use sunglasses. Wearing light, lose fitting cotton clothes is an advisable option. Indian kurtis along with leggings or T-shirts are ideal one of the ideal dresses to wear. Eat plenty of salads and fresh fruits because they will help you to regain the moisture you lose through sweating. Drink plenty of water and always carry a stock of water with you. Avoid oily as well as junk food as it reduces the percentage of water in the body. Indian foods, especially the street food include lot of deep fried items. Keep medication and ointments ready to counter sunburns while travelling.

The searing heat waves of varying intensities grip the entire country during this time. So, a few special tips can help a lot to survive these waves. Don't intake alcohols or sugar as they drain fluid out of your body and create heat in the body. Also avoid cold drinks as they may cause stomach cramps. Keep on drinking water whenever desired, ensuring that you drink only bottled water. Avoid water or juices from street side shops. People who live in India enjoy a spicy meal even when it's hot, since the capsaicin in the hot peppers will make them perspire and when the sweat evaporates it makes them feel quite cool. Especially foreigners should avoid consuming spicy food when they are travelling in India, because first of all they are not habituated like Indians to consume such type of food. Regular cool showers are the best way to refresh yourself and get rid of all the sweat and dirt during travelling

Regarding food eat light meals at frequent intervals. It is advisable to have sweet in the morning and juicy fruit at breakfast. Summer fruits like peaches, plums, melons and pears, are exactly what your skin demands in the hot season. Citrus fruits are also very coolants. Lemon juice is the best as well as cheap alternative in Indian summers. Kokam juice is another best coolant available in Indian markets in bottles as well as cans. In places like Nagpur or the surrounding areas consuming onion juice is a common practice. It is advisable to stay inside your house during the peak afternoon hours and make your plans of strolling and shopping in the evenings or nights.

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