How To Find Members For Your Band

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If good help is hard to find, good collaborators are especially difficult to locate. Finding band mates who share your musical and creative visions, are responsible and have comparable, or better, talent is the most fundamental task in forming a band. Sometimes it can be simple serendipity your two or three best friends happen to play bass, guitar or drums. But usually it takes much more effort to turn a group of individual musicians into a cohesive band.

The first thing to look for is talent. While some rock stars are self-taught, most studied music and took lessons for years before joining a band. So if youre still in high school or college, check out the school band or music classes. You can also check out local music schools and attend performances.

The best way to find musicians is to go where they are. So do some club hopping and chat people up especially people who work at the clubs. Ask the bartenders and doormen if they know anyone looking to hook up with a band. Check out the acts. If anyone blows you away, talk to them privately about joining your band. Musicians move around and its perfectly accessible to approach someone even if they are already with a band. If theyre happy where they are, no harm-no foul; if they are looking to move, then its a case of being in the right place at the right time.

The most organized way of finding musicians is to hold auditions. Put notices in clubs, in online music chat rooms, at music school and local colleges. If you have the money, put an ad in some music publications.

The first step is to pre-screen applicants on the phone. Find out what their goals are. For example, if you intend to be lead singer, hiring a guitarist who also wants to be lead singer isnt a good mix. You can also get a good sense of personality over the phone so see who you click with Once you get a list of potential band mates, set up auditions. Then its just a matter of letting your ears and gut guide you.
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