Haribo Sweets and My Arcade Memories

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Before Play Station, PSP, Nintendo DS, XboX, and other modern gaming consoles came into being, the arcade games that come in huge heavy platform boxes were the stars.
I was in high school when the arcade stations sprouted from nowhere in town.
Every after class or even during breaks, me and my friends would go to these arcade stations and play.
There are also occasional instances when we would miss classes just to play in the arcades while having a generous helping of Haribo sweets.
Some of our favourite fighting titles were Classic Street Fighter, Kung Fu Remix, Final Fight, and King of fighters.
I don't believe Tekken and Soul Calibur were even conceptualised during those times.
We would play our hearts out and challenge other players.
Within the group, we would also bet our Haribo sweets.
Whoever remains standing at the end of the battle stages wins.
Those are really fun moments I wish I could do with my friends again.
I and my friends also love cooperative action games like Contra, Megaman, Missile command, and Raiden Space Ship.
I can still remember we can finish up to five packs of Haribo sweets while finishing the long missions of these truly enjoyable games.
Every time we play this genre, we always make sure to end up as the highest scorer.
This is also one of the main reasons why our group became famous in the arcade station.
Role playing games were also very famous then.
Back then, we would have enough Haribo sweets with us before entering the arcade station.
The role playing games that we love to play were Super Mario, Sonic the hedgehog, Prince of Persia, and Zelda.
Moreover, we would take turns playing until we finished the entire game.
Usually, we'd play these games during weekends because they take more time to be completed than the other games.
There are also a lot of puzzle games there.
Most girls in the class actually played this kind of genre.
Some of the puzzle arcade titles we used to play were Pac Man, Frogger, Centipede, Puzzle bobble, Tetris, and bubble bobble.
In addition, playing puzzle games in the arcade is never better with some succulent, irresistible, gummy goodness of Haribo sweets.
It also happened that there were candy shops on the way to the game stations.
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