Free Disney Channel Games to Play on the Computer

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    Phineas and Ferb Hoverboard Tour

    • Play the popular Phineas and Ferb Hoverboard Tour game, based on the popular cartoon series. Click to read the prologue to understand the story of the game before you play. Then must click on the character that you want to play as and, in the beginning, you will choose the "Grand Canyon" tour. (More areas will be available once you advance in the game.) You can also click at on the other icons at the top of the screen before playing. The hover board icon shows the board you currently have and others that can be unlocked later in the game. You can also click on the trophy icon to view all awards that you've won. Click on the "Play" button to begin the game.

      You will then be given all of the tasks that you must complete in the course, including lip trick, air trick, slide trick and flip trick. Use your control arrows to move the character around. To perform the tricks that are on your task list you must look for the signs in the game that have the name of the trick. Below the name are letter. When moving to the top of the ramp press the letters from the sign, one at a time, in order to perform the trick. For example, pressing the "W" and "A" keys will allow you to do a nose grab. The game is fairly simple as this pattern repeats. Perform all four tricks and collect all six tokens.

      The best tip for advancing in the game is to practicing typing the in the key combinations before jumping off the ramp to do the trick.

    The Wizards of Waverly Palace: Journey to the Cave of Darkness

    • To being the game, press the "Start" button and read through the story by clicking on the "Next" button. Choose to play as Justin or Alex. The goal of the game is to help Justin and Alex get out of the cave they are trapped in and to avoid dangers such as wildlife and quicksand. Use the arrow keys to move your character and press the up key to have them jump.

      The best strategy of the game is to find and use as many special items as possible to get through the cave: When you find the green magic bottle you can use it to fight enemies by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. When you find the purple spell bottle you can use it by holding and releasing the space bar. Finding the pineapple icons will increase your health if it is low and also collecting 50 diamond points will increase your health. Try finding all of the statues in a level to earn an extra life. The game is fairly simple to complete as long as you avoid draining your health. The other most helpful tip is to make sure the enemy is directly in the circled target when you use your magic or spell or the enemy will not be hit and you'll lose the spell.

    JONAS: Pizza Palooza

    • Click on the "Start" button to begin the game, and then read the plot. The goal of the game is to help the Jonas brother make guitar shaped pizzas for the Horace Mantis Academy fundraiser. You must use your left and right arrow keys to catch the pizza and press the space bar to toss the pizza.

      If your pizza is deemed "Guitar-Crust Perfection" then you will earn the maximum points. You can earn seven seconds of double points by pressing on the Stella power-up icon at anytime during the game. The trick of the game is really simple and is all about how fast you can find which character is holding the pizza crust. The three brothers are beside each other but the crust will go to a different character every time you make a pizza. Go to that character quickly and press the space bar. Make sure to watch which brother gets the pizza next and move your arrow keys to that brother for him to catch it.

      For the second part of the level, you must put the toppings on the pizza. Simply, click on the toppings as they fall and move them onto the pizza. For the third task, click on the pizzas as the come down the conveyor belt and move them with your mouse to an oven to cook. Once you hear the timer sound, click on the oven door and the move the pizza into a pizza box.

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