How Ultrasounds Have Evolved

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There was a time when going to the doctor for some type of exploratory procedure was a rather scary thing. It meant that they were going to have to actually open you up and take a look inside to see what was going on. In today's medical world, however, it has become much easier for the doctor to see inside of your body, particularly through the use of ultrasound. It might come as a surprise to exactly how many ways that ultrasound is used in the medical industry. Here are a few that you may be familiar with as well as some that you do not consider.

First of all, there is not too much of a difference between diagnostic ultrasound and what may be used in other industries. In any case, it allows the doctor to see inside of the body without the use of any form of radiation, as is the case with x-rays. It is also a very fast method of getting a look inside of the body, as it is seen instantaneously on the screen. It uses a method of bouncing sound off of whatever is inside of the body, providing a relatively clear picture of what is taking place. It is similar to sonar that is used by submarines and some marine animals.

One of the most common uses of ultrasound is in gynecology. When a woman is pregnant, they will likely be scheduled for an ultrasound so that the doctor can make sure that things are progressing properly. It gives them the opportunity to establish a due date because they can see how much the child is growing. It can also help them to determine the sex of the child, if the pregnancy is far enough along for that to take place. Other benefits of using ultrasound during pregnancy include checking for multiple fetuses and to determine if there is amniotic fluid that is sufficient to cushion the baby from harm. Using this procedure, either through the use of a portable ultrasound or one that is stationary is going to be beneficial to the mother and baby alike. It may allow the doctor to see problems that are occurring which are going to need corrected.

The use of this technology is also beneficial for cardiology. It allows the doctor to see inside of the heart and to look at the structure of both the heart and the arteries. Since it is used in real time, it also allows the doctor to have a recording of the function of the heart and to see the blood flowing through the arteries and veins. It can also be used on other blood vessels in the body, such as the legs. This can allow the doctor to see if there is a problem with blood clots or other issues.

One final use of ultrasound that can be considered in medicine is urology. It can allow your doctor to see any kidney stones that exists as well as to see how the blood is flowing through your kidneys. It may even allow your doctor to detect prostate cancer at an early stage.
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