A Small Business, A Non-Profit and Hollywood Tap Into The Collective Intelligence

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Crowdsourcing was a term originally coined by Jeff Howe of Wired Magazine in 2006.
It is defined as an outsourcing of tasks by way of a "cattle call" to a large group of qualified people for a specific task(s) to be done.
Audio to text transcription companies, along with many other non-profits and big brand companies are now implementing crowdsourcing into their business.
Crowdsourcing allows highly capable, intelligent people the freedom to work part-time from home.
It's a great way to make a wage at home that is legitimate.
Crowdsourcing is also catching on in small, developing countries.
The internet is creating new forms of employment that use the skills of others, or small tasks that anybody can complete, which computers are still not able to do.
Now with more people than ever, being connected to the internet worldwide, there is the demand and economic need for online, part-time work.
Some are able to turn these part-time tasks posted on crowdsourcing websites e.
Amazon Mechanical Turk and turn it into a full-time living.
Crowdsourcing is currently proving to be the best solution for employing women in developing countries.
Not every woman in the developing world is an artist, or entrepreneur and not every loan will empower her and get her out of poverty therefore, Microfinance has its limits.
The non-profit Samasource now connects over 1,600 women and youth who make less than $3 a day.
They partner with large Internet and data companies to break down large projects into what they call microwork: simple tasks like finding a phone number, or labeling an image that require human intelligence and a bit of training.
This model provides real skills to workers -- women in their centers in East Africa, South Asia, and the Caribbean learn how to use computers, the Internet and how to represent themselves professionally online, and how to report to work in a formal environment.
Even Hollywood is utilizing crowdsourcing for upcoming films.
Composer Hans Zimmer is one of the best in the business.
He is currently at work on the score for The Dark Knight Rises.
Zimmer is now turning to Batman fans, for help.
They'll be crowdsourcing audio to put into the finished film, and anyone with a microphone-equipped computer can participate.
Crowdsourcing and micro-jobs are on the rise.
Today the cloud network is making small businesses, Hollywood blockbusters and socially good non-profits rethink the limitless possibilities for economic growth and ways of empowering people from all different environments and backgrounds with work.
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