The Evolution of Fart Noises From Whoopee Cushion to Electronic Fart Machine

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The whoopee cushion has been an all-time favorite to people who have a naughty side and want to play a practical joke on their closest friends.
This is one of the oldest pranks in the book.
It releases an embarrassing sound as the person sits on chair, sofa or couch.
Just sit back and enjoy the reactions of that person.
This is one of the most hilarious acts to perform and to watch as it is done to others.
This was one of those items you brought with you to summer camp as you were growing up.
Progression of the Whoopee Cushion With advancements in technology, there were advancements in whoopee cushions also.
The regular whoopee cushion was replaced by the automatic whoopee cushion which could draw in air automatically in the early 1990's.
This self-inflating era did not last very long due to the introduction of the microprocessor-controlled electronic fart machine, What is an electronic fart machine? An electronic fart machine is a modern version of the whoopee cushion.
It is controlled from a distance via a handheld remote control.
It does not even have to be sat on.
This means you can place the device far in advance of your victim arriving on the scene as well as keeping a safe distance from you unsuspecting victim.
The device can be placed next to the viction as opposed to underneath.
Advantages of an Electronic Fart Machine: ·This device can be controlled to wish of the person performing the prank on the victim at any instant, judging the best situation to perform the prank.
·There are many varieties of sounds that can be produced from a single device, based on the number of the sounds pre-programmed to it by the manufacturer.
·A function of the delayed action is also given as an option in some of the electronic fart machines.
·A lot more of exciting options can be pre-loaded into these fun devices.
Never before was such exciting opportunity offered to play a practical joke on friends and family.
With the electronic fart machine, the fun is simply amplified.
Get yours today, sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds.
Happy pranks.
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